Definition of Administration, Objectives, Functions, and Characteristics of Administration

May 18, 2019
Definition of Administration, Objectives, Functions, and Characteristics of Administration

General Definition of Administration

What is meant by administration?

Administration is a form of business and activity related to policy arrangements in order to achieve organizational goals / objectives. So, it can be said that administration has a very crucial role in all activities of an organization.

In addition, the narrow understanding of administration can be interpreted as a form of activity which includes notes-notes, correspondence, simple bookkeeping, typing, and other activities that are technical in nature. While the broad understanding of administration is all the process of cooperation between two or more people who aim to achieve the target by utilizing certain facilities and infrastructure in an efficient and effective manner.

From the definition of administration we can find out the following 3 important things:

  • Administrasi adalah sebuah seni sekaligus proses. Sebagai seni, administrasi membutuhkan kiat khusus yang sifatnya kondisional dan situasional karena selalu terkait dengan situasi, kondisi, waktu, dan tempat.
  • Dalam administrasi terdapat unsur-unsur tertentu, diantaranya; terdapat dua atau lebih orang di dalamnya, terjadi kerjasama antar orang tersebut yang sifatnya formal dan hirarkis, memiliki tujuan, terdapat tugas, ketersediaan sarana dan prasarana.
  • Administrasi muncul secara bersamaan dengan munculnya peradaban manusia dimana administrasi tersebut untuk mencapai tujuan bersama.

Administration Elements

In addition to understanding the notion of administration, there are several important elements that must exist in a business field. According to The Liang Gie, there are 8 elements that must exist:

1. Organization

The place where administrative activities are carried out. In business, the people who work in it will be assembled into a container.

2. Management

The main tool for implementing administration. There are regulators, movers, managers and operational personnel. In management this is still divided into three groups; top management, middle management and lower management (foreman).

3. Communication

The administration also regulates communication patterns between departments. For example, by letter or news.

4. Staffing

This is related to the use of workplace security. In administration there are interconnected processes, namely; acceptance, placement, utilization and termination of employment.

5. Finance

This is related to the financing of cooperation contracts ranging from how to obtain funds to their accountability.

6. Supplies

Associated with the procurement of goods, storage and removal. The administration will comb through which items are needed for work and not.

7. Administration

Includes recording, storage and shipping activities.

8. Public Relations

The administration will create regulations on how to relate to the community, especially consumers

Administrative Characteristics

Administration has several characteristics including the following:

  • Administration has clear objectives
  • Within the Administration there is a group of humans consisting of two or more people
  • Administration is always related to collaborative activities
  • In the Administration there is a business or work process
  • Activities in the Administration always have leadership, guidance and supervision

Administration function

The following are some administrative functions in the organization:

1. Planning

Planning is the activity of planners who need an administrative activity, starting from data collection, data processing, to planning preparation.

2. Organizing

Organizing is the activity of compiling and building work communication between members in the organization so that a unity of business will be achieved to achieve the goals of the organization

3. Coordinating

Coordinating is part of a management function that performs a number of activities to run well by avoiding the occurrence of a chaos, clashing, emptiness of activities carried out by connecting, uniting and adjusting subordinate work so that there is planned cooperation in an effort to achieve an organizational goal.

4. Reporting

Reporting is the activity of delivering developments or results of an activity by making and giving reports of the duties and functions of higher officials both verbally or in writing to get an overview of the tasks of the members of the organization.

5. Budgeting

Budgeting is an activity of planning and financial management or budgeting in an organization that is carried out continuously.

6. Staffing

Staffing is an activity related to human resources and other resources in an organization; starting from labor recruitment, development, equipment within the organization.

7. Directing

Directing is the activity of interacting with members of the organization in the form of giving guidance, advice, orders, so that the task is carried out properly in order to achieve the intended purpose.

Role of Administration as Queen of Peace

You could say the meaning of administration like Queen of Peace. The commotion will continue to occur in a company or business when the administration is not running properly.

Imagine if you don't have a neat file storage format. Your files and correspondence are placed carelessly?

One day you really need it and it takes a long time for you to find it. Even if you arrange it well, of course time can be shortened and used to complete other targets.

The definition of administration in business is actually very broad and will relate to various types of management in several positions in the company department. According to the contributor Pankaj Mishra through Linkedin, the administrator will later become a liaison for various departments, corporate and consumer partners at the same time.

Therefore, this field must at least cover some of the following:

  • Understand the notion of administration
  • Improve office staff performance in terms of organizing and organizing office administration in various fields
  • Issue the right filing standard
  • Develop and manage company assets
  • Able to develop administrative procedures
  • Able to control and plan the administrative budget
  • Make reports on company activities starting from payroll, shipping activities and more

Even so, the administrator's main task depends on the company. To be sure this field will ensure the efficiency of the company's performance in all departments. They act as a bridge between management and employees.

Office administration is one of the elements associated with the efficiency and productivity of the company's work. They provide information needed by various departments so that each job description and planning for each management is reached.

They provide what is needed by various departments, build regulations and corporate culture. Apparently, this field is like being lost in the earth, even though administration is the main key to smooth regulation of the company.