Learning Facebook Marketing: 10 Steps to Increase Sales from Facebook

May 19, 2019
Learning Facebook Marketing: 10 Steps to Increase Sales from Facebook

I'm pretty sure you've heard a lot of success stories about people who earn hundreds to thousands of dollars a month just by using Facebook Ads or often called Facebook Marketing.

For online business people must be familiar with Facebook marketing.

Facebook is the most popular social media with a fantastic number of users. So it's no wonder that many people use Facebook to promote or sell products and services online.

Many have felt success, but many have failed.

Well, my hope is that you are among those who are successful.


Before discussing more about Facebook marketing, we first acquaint with this one marketing strategy.

Explanation About Facebook Marketing

In short, Facebook marketing can be interpreted as a marketing and promotion technique for products or services using Facebook.

This one promotion strategy is quite easy to practice, with low costs and also a wider customer reach.

Even better, we can do targeted promotions, so the conversion rate obtained will be much higher.

Before starting it.

There are several things that you must fulfill.

First, you must have a website.

If you want to sell products online, it is strongly recommended to have a website.

So like a website is a place where you sell and social media is the employee you employ.

So the main task of social media is to promote and direct visitors to your website.

Second create a special Facebook account.

Create a new Facebook account specifically for businesses. Then add targeted friends so that your promotion is more effective.

Do not immediately do a promotion, but build interactions first with your Facebook friends.

If you have fulfilled the two things above, now is the time to carry out our main mission, namely to practice Facebook marketing techniques.

Steps to Do Facebook Marketing

1. Setting Account

I assume you can already create a Facebook account. So we just go to the setting stage so that your campaign can reach many people.

  • Fill in your data in the profile section (Must be Complete)
  • Make sure your status settings are "public", so that many people see the posts / products that you share.
  • Use profile photos with interesting and clear images

2. Add Targeted Friends

So that your promotion on Facebook can bring you lots of likes, shares, and sales, then one way is to make friends with people who are interested in your product or business.

This is called targeted add friends, which is looking for friends on Facebook who are enthusiastic about your business or product.


  • Type keywords in Facebook search. For example, you sell health products, so type the word "health" and click search.
  • Select the page tab and search for several popular pages (many features like, share and comment)
  • Add people who comment or those who like and share
  • Continue to the group tab and search for several popular groups then join
  • Add the group members, prioritizing those who often comment or ask questions

so that your account is protected from blocking Facebook, limit the number of add friends every day. Maximum add 50-100 per day.

3. Build Branding

The next step after adding targeted friends is to introduce who you are? what is your business? and what products will you sell?

This is so that the friend you just added knows that you are selling the product they are interested in.

But, do not let you directly promote it.

Building a brand is different from promotion.

Your goal is only to tell them about who you are and what you sell.

You do this by sharing tips or articles that are relevant to your product and business.

For example, you sell "slimming drugs".

You can share tips or articles related to slimming products, such as diet tips, weight loss tips, or diet-specific healthy foods.

Make it as creative as possible.

Educate them with the content.

Oh yeah, occasionally tuck in articles that are rather eccentric, funny, and entertaining. The goal is that you can get closer to your new friends on Facebook.

4. Good attitude

Surely you often see people selling on Facebook, when many ask questions in comments or chat but there is no response

It must feel hurt

If you keep asking and there is no reply, how does it feel? definitely disappointed.

well, that's what you should avoid.

Don't make them not buy just because you don't respond to their questions.

This is stupid, but there are still online businesses that do it.

From now on, pay attention to your prospective customers, if anyone asks make sure you respond quickly and precisely.

Remember the quote below.

Often people buy not because they are in need of the product, but because they like the way you behave and speak.

5. Post Proof of Your Sales

One of the best forms of promotion is to show proof of business activities, such as testimonials, product delivery pictures, and so on.

This will make the reader curious and want to know the products you sell. In addition, posting proof also increases conversion rates and promotion effectiveness.

You have to try it.

The first step to start is asking for testimonials from customers of your product.

Can be via chat, message or video.

Then post the testimonial on Facebook and include a photo of your product.

6. Give Free

I think everyone will like it if given something free. Especially if the free thing is useful, there will be lots of people happy with you.

Love the meaning of respect and care about the business you live in.

The more people who care about your business, the easier it will be to develop it.

Well, this can also be a powerful Facebook marketing strategy to attract buyers.

You can share ebooks, product samples, free trials, etc. related to your business.

For example you sell "slimming drugs", then you can share ebooks related to these products, such as "ebook diet", "natural slimming ebook", etc.

or you can also share your product samples with potential buyers on Facebook.

7. Use Facebook Fan Page

One of the excellent features of Facebook that many online businesses use is the Facebook page

The Facebook page allows you to promote business specifically and targeted, especially Facebook Marketing.

You can make many pages at once in one Facebook account, so that means you don't need to create a new Facebook account for your other business.

Facebook Page is different from Facebook profile (Facebook account).

The difference is:

  • More complete promotional features
  • Can have more than 5000 friends or fans, different from Facebook accounts which are only limited to 5000 friends.
  • The form of friendship on Facebook Page is classified as passive, meaning you cannot directly add friends to your Facebook Page, but must make it like your Facebook Page first.
  • Facebook Page can be added by using additional applications from third parties
  • Can have more than 1 admin
  • Complete analytics feature

To create a Facebook Page, you can directly access the following address: https://facebook.com/pages/creation

Later there will be more fans or likes on your Facebook Page, the wider range and conversion you get.

So your job after creating a Facebook Page is to bring as many likes as possible to the Facebook Page.


  • Using Facebook ads (paid)
  • Use the like box that is inserted into your website
  • Using embed post
  • Using the email signature
  • Invite manually from Facebook Page

and much more.

8. Time To Post

There are certain times that are very suitable for posting on Facebook.

This is something that many people often overlook.

If you want to get more conversions and sales, then from now on consider the schedule and the right time to post.

It is proven that if you post at the right time where many people are online on Facebook, the chances of being seen will be even higher.

In general, the right time to post on Facebook is between the following hours

Wednesday at 11am and 1pm

Wednesday is the best day to post on Facebook.

The safest time to send is a working day from 9am - 3pm

Sunday has the least amount of involvement for Facebook for a week.

Morning and evening, before 7 am and after 5 pm have the least number of engagements per day.

9. Boom Like Target

Boom likes are giving likes to massively to posts on the homepage. The purpose is various, some are just fad or some are indeed looking for attention.

But besides all of this we can use this for the purposes of business branding.

How come ?

Imagine what happens if someone likes your status on Facebook. Surely you are curious about who is the figure who always gives such likes.

Next, what do people do if they are curious?

Well, you must know the answer.

They will see your posts on the homepage, sometimes even responding by booming like and share. If so, greet them and introduce your business.

10. Facebook Ads

This is an instant solution for those of you who want to sell on Facebook. By utilizing the advertising features on Facebook, you can easily reach potential customers in a targeted manner.

This is not a free way, you have to pay to Facebook with a certain amount according to the length of the ad and the range of customers you want to get.

The process of advertising on Facebook is also simple

Ads on Facebook are more targeted so the sales conversion rate will be much higher.

To start advertising on Facebook, you can access the following address:


Those are some Facebook marketing strategies that you can try.

Some of the strategies described above will be in vain if you do not consistently practice them. Don't think about being able to succeed quickly, enjoy the process and continue to be consistent until you can succeed & Learn this if you want marketing success.