Here's the Difference between Sales and Marketing

May 23, 2019
Difference between Sales and Marketing

Basically, sales generate big profits but do not prioritize customer satisfaction, while marketing makes big profits and always attaches importance to customer satisfaction.

Before discussing the difference between Sales and Marketing, I will explain what sales are and what marketing is short and clear

What is Sales?

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Sales is a activity in carrying out the direct effects of marketing work. The function of sales or sales is to sell products in accordance with the set targets. Therefore sales must be able to attract interest and convince potential customers of the products they offer so that sales occur.

Sales activities will be effective if managed properly, for example by motivating and providing guidance so that salespeople can sell products well through various techniques. The most important thing is how far the sales team is consistent in applying the technique.

When a sale occurs, the sales will forward the order to other parts, such as the production or shipping parts. Product knowledge is the main key for a salesperson. Without having adequate product knowledge, a sales does not have enough steps to convince consumers of the products offered.

Whereas Marketing

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What is Marketing?

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Marketing is an activity to market a product or service to be known by the market through an integrated communication process that aims to provide information on goods or services to meet the needs and desires of customers. This is related to the whole system in business activities to plan products, set prices, promote products and distribute goods. A marketing person must equip himself with various marketing knowledge and strategies including product, price, place, promotion, process, people, and physical evidence

Although both are trying to increase sales. This marketing puts forward what the market wants, after it is known product will be create as desired by the market. In this concept the market demands and products are the results of the market survey.

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What's the Difference between Sales and Marketing?

Sales activities only focus on product sales and increase sales.

While marketing activities cover the entire system in a business with a longer and more complex process. The sales process is only one of the promotion parts, so it does not pay attention to other factors that support marketing.

A salesperson does not focus on the product brand image, but emphasizes more on how consumers are interested and buy their products. While marketing is required to always maintain the brand image of the product, so that consumers decide to buy the product because they already know the quality and brand image of the product.

That's the difference between sales and marketing

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