Tips for Choosing a Good Domain for Your Site

May 18, 2019
Tips for Choosing a Good Domain for Your Site

Choosing the right domain name is one of the important things when you want to build a blog or website.

A beginner blogger who is just learning to blog usually doesn't think carefully when he wants to choose a domain name (including me before)

What does the domain mean? Below is an understanding of the domain according to Wikipedia:

Domain is a unique name given to identify the name of a computer server such as a web server or e-mail server on a computer or internet network. Domain function is to make it easier for users on the internet when accessing the server, besides being used to remember the name of the server visited without having to know the complicated row of numbers known as the IP address.

1. Don't use a free domain

Don't use a free domain!! Why? -

  • Free domains are not completely free, usually only free in the first year or there are hidden requirements. One time you can lose access to your domain without notice
  • Domains are hard to find even difficult to be indexed by Google
  • Free domains are often used by spam blogs. One day it can be banned by Google (it has already happened before)
  • unprofessional and not cool xD

Free domains are often sought by novice bloggers who can't wait to use their own domain because they don't have money or pretend they don't have money to pay a paid domain.

These free domains are examples such as .TK, .GA, .ML and others

2. Domain in accordance with your name or business

If you create a website / blog for promotional purposes or sell products / services - for example selling product templates - it would be better if you choose a domain name that is related to the template. For example, for example, creating a website / blog for promotion or selling templates, you should choose a domain: / name of your organization + | yourname + | and others. We recommend that you do keyword research first before choosing a domain name, try to make your domain contain your business keywords, have quite a lot of searches on search engines, and competition for keywords is not too difficult. Use the help of Google Keyword Planner to help you find the right keywords for your domain name.

3. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember, type and pronounce

Use a domain that is easy to say, understand and remember. When you tell someone your domain name verbally - for example via telephone - a domain that is too long or difficult to understand will definitely be hard to remember or even confuse others.

  • Avoid using numbers in the domain
  • Avoid using hyphens or obscure symbols
  • Avoid using words that are difficult to say
  • Avoid using domain names that are too long

4. Select the .COM, .NET or ccTLD extension

When you search for a domain name, try to find a domain with a .COM extension. The reason is because this domain extension is the most popular on the internet.

Most people who are still unfamiliar about the internet consider all the website addresses on the internet to use .COM. So in order not to confuse ordinary people, use the .COM extension.

If you don't find a domain name that matches the .COM extension, the alternative can be to use the .NET extension (the second most popular domain extension).

But if .COM and .NET aren't right, the third alternative is to use ccTLD.

Most people would recommend .ORG as a third alternative, but I would recommend ccTLD because .ORG is less suitable for posting on a blog.

What is a ccTLD?

ccTLD stands for Country Code Top-Level Domain, an extension domain specifically for certain countries.


US = United States

DE = German

IN = India

JP = Japan

ES = Spanish

5. Don't use domains that have been used by other people

I mean the domain name that was previously registered in the name of another person but the domain has expired and can be registered again.

Actually it doesn't matter if we use a domain that has already been registered, but usually the domain has been used on web spam, pornography, viruses or other bad content.

In addition, many used domains that have been banned by the Google search engine or even banned by Google AdSense, which means that if you use the domain, your blog will not appear on search engines and also cannot be monetized with Google AdSense.

6. Register a domain in a trusted place

choosing a domain name is very important, but there is one more important thing, namely choosing a place to register a trusted domain name.

Do not let you register a domain name in a place that has poor quality just for reasons of being cheaper or because there is a big discount.

Of course you do not want to lose access to the domain that you have because your domain name provider disappears without a trace (Closed for having a problem)