Tips to Register Google Adsense to be Easily Accepted

May 22, 2019

This time I want to share tips on how to register Google AdSense to be easily accepted. Hopefully this post can benefit you. Especially for those of you who want to make money through Google AdSense.

First, let's discuss the blog/website platform.

Tips to Register Google Adsense to be Easily Accepted (blog/website)

1. Read the Google AdSense program policies

The first most important thing you need to do is read and understand the Google AdSense program policies. This is not only useful when we register, but also when we have a Google AdSense account. Click Here to Read the AdSense Program Policies.

2. Quality content

Content issues are the things that are often the reason why our blog is rejected by Google AdSense. What exactly is quality content, unique, useful, long, or what? Maybe many of you feel that you have made quality content but is still rejected.

The thing to consider is the real content problem is not about the topic, uniqueness, benefits, or the number of characters but images support, videos, audio or anything else so that the content on your blog looks good quality even though it really doesn't benefit visitors.

So try not only to fill in posts with text, because people must be lazy to read if the posts are only text. (me too) xD

3. Complete it

  • Support page
  • Make sure your blog has supporting pages such as Contact Us, Privacy Policy, etc.
  • Navigation menu
  • In the navigation menu, try not to put a link that leads to the page label or category, but the link that leads to the post directly or your static page
  • Widget
  • I recommend using the widget Popular Post, Recent Post, Archive, Category(Label)

4. Age of your blog

Register a blog that is at least two or three months old.

5. Visitor

For the problem of visitors you can ignore it. Many people have few visitors but are still accepted.(Depends on your content too)

6. Template

Use a simple, bright and clean template.

Good luck trying it, but of course there is no guarantee from me. If later you still get rejected the most important thing to do is try again and try again. Never give up.