Want to create a Website? Know 10 Things First

Want to create a Website? Know 10 Things First

Website is one of the things that is quite important now, a store or company that has a website will look more professional. The company's website will give a good impression to the customer. This will later affect the attractiveness of customers to visit. In addition to today's technological advances, many people are looking for information through the internet. Well, with the website, who knows your business will be better known to the public. Is it just a company website that needs a website? Not! You, who want to exist in the internet world or who work in the digital world, media or creative professionals must also have a website!

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Many media reports on the success of entrepreneurs from online marketing, especially from the website. Generally they tell to share tips on successful online business just by having a website. Is it true that you can achieve success like them? the answer is true, the website can bring you income, maybe even far exceeding your current income. To start it all you have to understand the real situation about things you should know before creating a website.

I explained a little about the website and its benefits. The so-called website is not only a promotional tool, but a form of online property like your physical business in the real world. So, so you have to promote it if you want a website that you have, it will actually generate income for you, which is definitely very far compared to selling via bukalapak, tokopedia to selling on social media. Why is that so? This concerns branding that cannot be obtained from other ways of selling online.

1. Know the Website You Want to Create

This is one thing that is very important because it is the reason why the website was created. Determine what website you want to make first.

  • Is it just an ordinary blog?
  • Small-scale company website?
  • Large-scale company website?
  • Personal website for branding purposes?
  • Website to introduce products that are sold?
  • Want to make an online store?
  • Creating a website for product branding?
  • Or want to make a fairly complex information system?

From now on try to think of what website you want to make. Don't suddenly move your direction after the website creation process is in the middle of the road. Can be complicated later.

2. Create Website Characteristics

After knowing the website you want to make, make sure you know what the website will be, what color, what menus are there and what will be filled. For example, you want to make a personal website / personal website that contains the design portfolio that you have ever made. Maybe the color can be adjusted with personality. Then there is what content you want to enter. Don't forget to include the portfolio that you want to introduce to the public. Try doing research on search engines such as Google. Try to find ideas and inspiration for the website you want to make.

For example, for example, you want to make an online shop about clothing products. So there later the customer can choose the product, choose the color and size, order the product, enter the shopping cart to make a payment. The point is try to do research on how online shops work, right?

Another example, you as an entrepreneur or SME business owner. So that many products are known to the public, then you want to create a website that contains various products. Well, you can start to imagine how the website will look. For example, the website will display any product, what will be featured on the website, the process of working on the product and so on. Don't forget to display the address and telephone number so that the customer is easy to find your store.

3. Don't trust incorrect information

With the existence of the internet as an icon of information technology that is growing rapidly nowadays, it cannot be denied if you can get all the answers quickly and easily. But that does not mean that the information you get is really valid, even if it is obtained from a trusted source.

  • Website creation is very easy. Is it true?
  • Before visiting this article, maybe you have read another article that tells how easy it is to create a website. They (article makers) generally try to make their writing sell well, many people read it. They design in such a way as to be easy to digest and make sense to you as a reader. Next, what have you practiced? just reading is easy, in fact not so. To be able to make a web, someone must go through the education path for years. Currently making websites is made easier by having a CMS that can cut down on manufacturing time and make it easier, but that does not mean that it is as easy as you put a photo of a product on social media, it is still much more difficult than that.

  • Only by having a website can you succeed. Really?
  • This is not true. Similarly, as explained earlier about the ease of creating a website, just having a website can bring abundant benefits is truly misinformation. Websites don't just bring organic visitors. Maybe visitors can immediately bring in, but only those that are direct or referral, while successful website traffic is able to bring high organic visitors.

4. Simply Understand the Basics Before Making a Website

Even though you intend to entrust the creation of a website to one of the web design services companies or the like, it still needs at least a little understanding aimed at giving input or at least influencing management later.

5. Good Planning and Preparation

The first thing you must do before creating a website is to prepare your website concept as well as possible. This is rarely noticed, because it generally facilitates processes that have high goals. The important thing is to have a website -> sold goods -> happy, you have to throw this thought away, because without a clear concept a website or online store will not bring anything to you. Don't blame website creation services, don't blame them for making a decision by having a website. Your decision is right, your preparation isn't there.

  • Domain
  • The first thing you should pay attention to is Choosing the right domain name.

  • Web Hosting Server
  • Have you ever thought about how a website can display information? Where is all the information stored so that it can then be displayed?

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  • Prepare All Website Content
  • Every content must be prepared, starting from what logo design to use, a brief and clear description of your business, photos of the products you sell etc. Not a few of the websites currently don't pay attention to the content. Impressed made carelessly, as long as it is. Content placement is inappropriate, business info is very minimal which actually impacts on visitor trust, especially regarding purchase conversions on online stores.

6. Knowing the Real Web Prices

Price is always associated with quality, then quality usually requires sacrifice of time. There are lots of website creation services with various prices. From hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions. For those of you who intend to make the website very reasonable, look for information in advance regarding costs. So that you don't get caught up in the price of cheap websites that don't make sense, you must understand the calculation of how to determine the price of a website.

7. Recognize Common Website Errors that Fail

The failure of websites in the struggle to bring visitors is very much in number, it can be said to be more than 90% of the total new websites that have sprung up. Why is that so? Surely there is an error in the making, management, maybe also other causes. The point is you have to recognize the various causes to avoid getting into the same hole.

8. Managing a Website Cannot Be Said Easily

Do not let you connect directly between the beginning and end without seeing the process. This process is not easy. Maybe you often see other people succeed from the website (end), then associate with creating a website (beginning), so making a website = success, forming such thoughts. This is wrong, which is right after your website publishes, then you have to manage it in the right way, also promoted in the right way.

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9. Digital Internet Marketing Must Be Done

Digital internet marketing is an activity of marketing or promoting a brand or product using digital media or the internet. The purpose of digital marketing is to attract consumers and prospective consumers quickly. As we know, the acceptance of technology and the internet in the community is very broad, so it is not surprising that digital marketing activities are the main choice of companies. As a result, companies compete with each other to create interesting content to display in their marketing in cyberspace. The following are examples of marketing that fall under the digital marketing category:

  • Website
  • Branding
  • Sosial Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Production
  • SEO
  • App Development
  • SEM

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10. Looking for the Best Website Development Services

The final step before creating a website is to find a web developer to entrust the creation. There are a lot of good companies and individual services that can make you a website. But you must choose carefully who is worthy of being a candidate to build the website concept as the foundation of your business internet marketing. Not only cheap prices, not only seen from the side of the display, the most important thing is optimization and integration that determine the success of competition from your website later.