How to Conduct Analysis to Maximize SEO Performance

How to Conduct Analysis to Maximize SEO Performance

Many people consider SEO to be the only job done once during the life of the website.

Not so.

SEO is an ongoing process. A website owner must constantly observe its performance on their website while making efforts to maximize SEO.

But we are currently in a blind condition.

To be able to optimize, you must know what is happening on your website ...

... Like what the numbers appear, whether there is an increase or decrease in performance.

Without knowing the relevant figures, we would not know what needs to be fixed and what is good.

Therefore, follow this guide so you can always get maximum SEO performance.

Things you should know (and do):

Because assessment is the final process in SEO, you must first do this:

  1. On-page SEO: Optimization of website pages
  2. Off-page SEO: Link building and popularity
  3. Content Marketing

After that, you are ready for the first step.

1. Integrate Search Console and Google Analytics

Although many people say these two tools are not mandatory, but for a serious SEO practitioner, you should use them

how to install Google Analytics.

After it's installed, enter the Search Console and add your website.

Nothing will happen in a short amount of time. Both of these tools take a few days after installing because they will only collect data.

These data will be used to further optimize.

If your website has a sitemap in format, submit it to Search Console now to make it easier for Google to read your site.

2. Do crawling with tools

Crawling is a process carried out by search engines to browse web pages while gathering information.

We will imitate this process.

The goal is to find out the big picture of your website ... if an error occurs, if there are broken links, internal duplicates, and empty meta tags.

3. Further keyword research

This SEO guide series has been discussed briefly related to keyword research that will be used in:

  1. Title
  2. Meta description
  3. Content

But if you really intend to make search engines the main source of traffic, do further keyword research.

How to do keyword research

If you follow the guidelines above to the end, you will also find a way to evaluate keyword performance.

4. Analyze content performance

80% (or more) of a page on your website is content. So the influence of content on SEO is at least 80% of all things you do.

Humans like to get satisfying content, so search engines will give good ratings to satisfying content.